Diagnosis: Delicious 7"
(Lyrics and music by Mike except where noted.)

1. Where's The Fun?
What's up with this craze that passes for hardcore these days? It's core in name but not in style. If you think it is, you're in denial. Fuck this! Hardcore tradition grew out of punk rock, it's true. Now this kung fu metal crap is edging punk right off the map. Fuck that! Suck ass! Where is the fun? Where is the energy? Where is the outrage? Where's the punk rock urgency? Circle pits are way more fun. You're just trying to hurt someone. Are kung fu breakdowns here to stay? Somehow we got lost along the way.

2. It's All You
I was right. You were fucking wrong. Don't blame me for your being fucked. It's all your fault. I'm not to blame. This one's all you. It's not me! Point out any scapegoat that you can find. You're still the asshole who fucked it all up.

3. Bully Moshpit
You're so fortunate that I hate violence. Otherwise you would get my foot stuck in your face!

4. Nothing's Hardcore About You
We just want a good time, instead of supplying yours on our dime. I just wanna see some bands, instead of watching for flying feet and hands. Get the fuck out. Take your friends. This is where your bullshit ends. We may have aggression to vent. But we don't share your violent intent. I just want to enjoy some tunes, not worry about you and your buffoons. Get your feet off my face. Take your "dancing" some other place. Fuck your violent atmosphere. Don't fight your invisible ninjas here!

5. Pass The Effing Popcorn
Everyone gather 'round. The ship is going down. People are finally getting it. Seeing through the bullshit. Cardhouse of lies crashing to the ground. It's about fucking time that you came around. This is gonna be fun as shit!
Nothing quite like seeing an asshole politician who thinks who thinks god talks to him go down in fucking flames as huge numbers of his supporters realize that he's destroying America more than any "terrorist" is.

6. Cut Through The Crap
So you say we're in Iraq because we're so humanitarian? Because we must defend human rights and never cut any dictator slack? Well the Sauds are worse than the Taliban. And what of our "friends" in Uzbekistan? And when do we stop the genocide in Sudan? Why are we still friends with brutal regimes when we claim the moral high ground? Why do we ignore true crises to launch preemptive wars for dubious reasons? Use your mind. Grow a spine. Understand this country's running out of time!

7. Get Your Shit Done
Time to man up today. Handle what life throws your way. Reveal for all to see your accountability. Fun is fucking fun. Just get your shit done. Make us all proud. Don't let us down. Find a way, see it through. Don't let this world bury you.

8. Hope You Like Infest
I hope you like Infest, 'cause that's what we're listening to. I've had a bad day, and nothing else is gonna do. I'm so pissed that I wish all would die. I don't wanna hurt you. That's why I shout along with Joe, to purge my rage. My world, my way. Feeling much better now. The next car ride, I'll let you pick the music out.

9. Absolute
Yours is not the only path. Cut the self-righteous crap. We're all in this together. Grow up!

10. Works Both Ways
You have every right to proclaim your hatred of fags. You don't mind if I exercise my right to declare you scum of the fucking earth, do you? Have a nice fucking day, you fucking piece of shit.
What's cool about the First Amendment is that it encourages the true idiots among us to reveal themselves.

11. Here, You Throw This Away
Why did you not flyer for this show? You can't rely on word-of-mouth alone. It's not enough to settle for a decent show. We need a fantastic show. Make sure bands come back again.
Boise is a fairly remote city as far as touring goes, seeing as how the nearest major cities are 5-6 hours away. A lot of bands just skip Boise altogether when they tour the western US. We try to make sure the ones that do come to town are well rewarded for it.

12. Fuck Christmas
Stop mistaking inclusion for your persecution. People celebrate other holidays too. Their recognition is no threat to you. Cut the bullshit. Stop pretending.
Some Christians need to be slapped in the fucking face and told, "There is no FUCKING War on Christmas!!"

13. Stop Fighting
This world is bigger than your dumb little religion. Your upbringing based on lies teaching you who to despise. Real life will teach otherwise.
It seems like when people embrace a religion they absorb only the parts that teach them who to hate and destroy. More often than not their enemies are regular people just like them.

14. Flaccid
Massive ego. Well-stroked cock. Something to prove. Prepare for launch. Blowing a load into far-off lands. Stretched too thin. Reaching collapse. Losing strength. Flaccid, limp and useless.

15. Stupid Bills
Off to the record store...where did all my money go?

16. Black Is The New White
I don't get it. What's your deal? Why can't you realize how gays feel? Your race has fought for its rights. Now you would undermine their fights. Fucking weak Christian mind. Can't see their struggle reflects thine. Compared to race, orientation is lesser. Now the oppressed is the oppressor. Fuck your bigotry!
I'll never understand black people who oppose gay civil rights (usually as a result of so-called Christian faith). Didn't African-Americans fight the same battle for equality that gays are currently fighting? What really boggles my mind is that Martin Luther King's daughter, Bernice, counts herself among the former group. How does she fucking sleep at night??

17. No Labels Here (music by Justin and Mike)
That's cool that you're straight edge. I don't give a damn. But I don't need to claim that phrase as part of who I am. I've arrived at similar views on my own, as I choose. Belief systems and labels I eschew. Don't need a name for my point of view. No superiority, just individuality. More power to you. I don't disagree. You can be straight edge, and I can just be me.
This is not a slam on straight edge. I just am very leery about identifying with any movement, belief system, political party, crew, or what have you. I even feel weird about calling myself a punk. I'm just me. Big deal.

18. Marriage Is For Suckers
So-called tradition, only for the straight. I won't be suckered into the same fate. Your stupid religious institutions don't interest me. Codifying one's love should not be necessary. Until to all this privilege applies, it stays a right that I refuse to recognize.
Marriage is basically bogus for the various reasons outlined above. Even if I wanted to get married someday, I refuse the legal right to marry when gays don't have that same right. Of course, I can only speak for myself in this band, since Brian is married. Haha.