Goatmeal 5"
(Lyrics and music by Mike except where noted.)

1. Extraordinary Rendition (music by Justin)
Vaguely Arabic appearance. Detained at the airport. You've just been fucked.

2. Big Time
Faulty black heart. For you, death is too good.
"Big Time" is a nickname assigned to Dick Cheney by detractors upon the revelation of a private conversation between him and George W. Bush that was picked up by a stray microphone. Bush referred to journalist Adam Clymer as a "major-league asshole," to which Cheney responded, "Big time."

3. Tanning Salon
Destroying your skin. Why is it important?

4. Green
Fuck your happiness. Why should I be happy for you? Go to fucking hell!

5. Dying Others' Deaths
Watching lives erode and wither away. It's not fun.

6. Red
You need to be slapped in the face repeatedly.

7. Battlet-ode
Level 3: eternal struggle. Light speed over endless hurdles. Then there's Level 4. Hardest video game in motherfucking human history.

8. Your Crew Is Stupid
Fuck your pathetic crew. Try to look badass and tough. Come across looking dumb. Just another clique with no place for me.

9. Life Of Man (music by Justin, lyrics by Thomas Hobbes)
Solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, short.

10. Blue
Life has so much to offer, if you like bullshit.

11. Yellow (music by Justin)
The battle hasn't even started. It doesn't have to. I've already lost.

12. Carpet Diem
New home with new practice space. Time for a mammoth dumpster raid. Carpet diem: seize the carpet!
We know that's not what "carpet diem" means. It's called a "play on words."

13. Pointless
Why must I always be so dumb? Why do I not fucking learn?

14. Monarchy Is The Shit
The people's will is dead. President rules instead. Don't be frightened, it's not important. Go on with your life.

15. Food Packet Air Drop
Let freedom ring. Land mines. Limbless torsos.
Remember when US military forces invaded Afghanistan in 2002 to forcibly replace the Taliban, and the government tried to smooth over the invasion with the PR stunt of dropping food packets over the country in order to convince the world that the US was demonstrating humanitarian motives, except all they accomplished was to spread said packets randomly over a nation literally carpeted with land mines left over from the Afghani resistance of Soviet Union occupation in the 1980s? No? Me neither.

16. Do I Know You?
Don't talk to me. We're not friends.

17. Staredown
Tough-talking jock can't walk the walk. Run home to your mom.
Based on a true story experienced by two of our friends that stood their ground against jocks challenging them to a fight.

18. No Child Left Alive
Fresh recruits, wasted lives.

19. Utterly Predictable (music traditional)
Hummingbird of death!

20. From God's Anus To Your Mouth (music by Justin and Mike)
A world of hatred and intolerance is the goal to which you aspire. Claiming that this is what god wants, but power is what you desire. When your twisted vision meets with opposition, you complain of persecution. Such a damn hypocrite. I have to wonder if you believe your own shit. Humanity regresses under people like you. I'm not gonna join the list of tools who follow you. The shit that spills out of your mouth is god taking a dump. Your misled mind is his fecal waste and he's playing us all for chumps. A sick prank on a cosmic scale. A test for humankind to fail. You're his disgrace to the human race. This is god's joke and he laughs in our face.