split LP w/ I Accuse!
(Lyrics and music by Mike except where noted.)

1. Frayed Nerve Endings

2. Headache
I don't need this fucking love. I don't need emotions. I don't need these useless feelings. I don't need weakness. Nothing but a waste of time, another fucking headache. I will thrive on solitude, I depend on nobody. I don't need anyone. I'll make myself happy. No use for this head-game shit. Another source of torment. No more than a simple distraction, an obstacle in my way.

3. Your Symbol Of Freedom Is My Kick Drum Muffling Device
Your flag is merely a piece of cloth. Patriotism can go fuck off. Your brain has more worth than any army. Only you can make yourself free.
There is no reason to worship a flag. The flag does not give you freedom. The only freedoms you have are those you give yourself through the power of free thought.

4. Happy Place
Fuck this world, fuck you all. Everything is dead to me. Right this moment, right this second, I'm just where I wanna be. Just me, the music, together in a blender. Smashing guitars, distorted bass, blasting drums. I'm in my happy place. Nothing can touch me. I'm ready to destroy! Through a black fucking rage, somehow my spirits raise. Yelling my fool head off, yet totally at peace. This is my home.

5. Several Orders Of Magnitude Up The Fucktard-O-Meter (music by Justin)
Hundreds of animals raised in pens for the purpose of being blown away. Sent to captive habitats. Private hunting clubs where they die en masse. No chance of getting away, as cruel bastards blast pre-captured prey. Does any part of you feel bad about the hundreds of lives you steal? Go on, kill them all if you insist. But I better see you eating all them shits!
You don't have to be vegetarian, hell you don't even have to be anti-hunter to understand that the concept of "canned hunts," as explained in the lyrics, is completely fucked. Dedicated to Dick Cheney, who was in the midst of such a hunt when he shot his fellow team member in the fucking face.

6. A Steady Stream Of Diarrhea Into Your Mouth (music by Justin)
You made a leap for the fortune and fame. Instead you got the shaft, and there's no one else to blame. Fucked in the face. Raped in the ass. Left for fucking dead. Easily forgotten. You learned firsthand what the biz is all about. You'll need a stomach pump to get all the semen out.
I wish now that I hadn't written some of these lyrics. I guess at the time I wanted to choose the most extreme metaphor for how the music industry operates. Well, too late to change it.

7. Attack Of The Titos
When literally all is said and done, and you just wanna say, "shut up and play!", we'll still yell about shit that bothers us, because your disdain doesn't make all of our planet's problems go away.

8. Last Refuge
In this style that we play, there's no money to be made. There's no getting laid, no markets to play, no way of attaining fame. Music stays pure this way. Start your fastcore band today!

9. I Wanna Be A Frog
Bears are always angry, but frogs are always cool.

10. Shitstain In The History Book
When future history books are written, you won't be remembered as a decisive, courageous leader, but rather what you are: a universally despised asshole piece of shit.

11. Warehouse
Yet another useless dive. A warehouse for empty lives. That's enough. Fuck this place, I'm going home. Drunken fucks make me depressed. Far past time to ditch this mess.

12. Not Done Yet
Your life goes to shit. Try to escape from it. Your mind is bruised, you turn to booze. Sliding down the slope, quickly losing hope. Getting fucking trashed. Must it be like that? Open your eyes and realize your friends are there for you, and they will help you through. I am here for you. I will be your friend.

13. Coward
Lost in my own loneliness, pain and fear. Fear that no one could ever understand. No value in this world. I create my own. There is nothing here for me. I refuse your sympathy. I'm content to run and hide, and trap myself in my own mind. No one will share my thoughts. My emotions rot. Now and then I start to think I have a chance. But I know that I'm fucking doomed to fail. But what do you care? You'll never know, 'cause I'll never show.

14. Alternative
I'm sorry if your intelligence is insulted, but would you rather see your freedoms catapulted?
After 9/11 happened, I tried to explain to my dad that Bush's administration was using the tragedy to advance their radical anti-democratic agenda, and people like him who got their news from what they perceive as the "liberal" media weren't informed as to what was (and still is) happening. He thought I was accusing him of being ignorant and insulting his intelligence. Well shit man, maybe your intelligence needs to be insulted sometimes!

15. The Dark Ages Are Overrated
Try to ruin everything. You would piss on our graves in pursuit of your goal to halt the progress made. Not in my backyard. Not in my city. Not in my country. Not on my planet!
This is directed to the radical Christian right-wing and their attempts to indoctrinate the younger generations with theocratic anti-science horseshit.