split 6" w/ Sidetracked
(Lyrics and music by Mike except where noted.)

1. End Babies
6 billion people is more than we need to deplete the earth with incredible speed. The oil, the ozone, the atmosphere at large, gone down the tubes since the humans took charge. Why make things worse by adding to the curse, because you want a child of your own? Just adding to a problem overblown. Overpopulation can't be condoned. Can you live with that? Unacceptable. End all babies now.

2. Douche
Talk yourself up. Tear others down. Hide your insecurities. Be a fucking asshole. Fuck yourself out of friendships. Strip your life of meaning. Die alone and friendless. You deserve it.

3. Old And Stupid
Shitty beliefs and attitudes going to fucking die with you. What's the world coming to? More enlightened without you. Old ideas weeded out.

4. Salute Your Sports
Don't wanna share my sports with you. Let me just enjoy this shit without having to deal with your cult of masculinity. Idolize superstars with religious fervor as though they've done fuck-all besides play a fucking children's game. Fuck off.

5. Pear-Shaped (music by Justin and Mike)