split 12" w/ Titanarum
(Music by Mike.)

1. You're In My Universe Now (lyrics by Mike)
No light. No dark. No life. No death. No love. No hate. No fun. No fear. No time. No space. No rules. No choice. No time to celebrate the good things in your life. No time to dwell on the shit that brings you down. No acknowledgement of your existence. No stopping what's about to commence. No escape from this oblivion. No way of knowing when it's gonna end. No feeling other than chaos in your mind. No pleasant thoughts for you to hide behind. No perception of time, space and form. No other choice but to accept the norm. There is only you and blast beats. You're in my universe now. No recourse. No remorse.

2. The World Needs This (lyrics by Devin)
16, seeks other young, crazy rebellious rockers to start the biggest, most outrageous, fucking wildest party band to come screaming out of the strip!!! With the best, classic, bone-crunching songs that'll blow all these fucking poseurs away!!! It's time to bring back the image and spirit of KISS and Mötley and kick some fucking ass, like only the young can do. None of this rehearsal-every-week bullshit!! This is forever, every waking second of every day! I have a lifelong commitment to rock 'n' roll, and I sure as hell can't do anything else. I've gotten call after call from the same boring bozos who just don't get it, and aren't willing to fight their way to the top. So if you wanna continue playing the same boring tiresome noise, fine, but the biggest sin in rock 'n' roll is being boring!!! I'm gonna do it the American way! Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll forever. If this ad describes you 100% then call me!!! KISS, Ozzy, Crüe - THE WORLD NEEDS THIS.