split 12" w/ Cold World
(Lyrics and music by Mike except where noted.)

1. Nothing's Happening
I don't feel any different. Nothing's happening. I was told to have hope, and everything would be ok. Things don't look OK to me. What went wrong? Only now do I understand. It was I who had to make the change.

2. Space Fish
Universe is just too big for any doubt. Alien life is coming toward us. We'll find out. Will we have our shit together? I don't know if I want them to know about our capacity for greed and our propensity to consume all the resources in our path. Will they see the potential of humanity, or put us out of misery? Only time will tell. SPACE FISH.

3. There's No Basketball Game Here
Put away your stupid basketball jersey. This is hardcore. No place for your high-school-jock ass. Same old high school bullshit that we came here to escape. Eat shit.

4. Goodbye Cool World
Tired of this fucking game. All of you are fucking lame. Finally I realized you're all the same. Settling for apathy, embracing mediocrity. I gotta say it makes no sense to me. I'm not gonna wait around for you to open up your eyes. So if nobody minds, I'm gonna kiss you motherfuckers goodbye. Don't you want something more? Something new to listen for? Jumping onto all the trends is such a bore. I'm done trying to be cool. From my eyes I pull the wool. I'd rather be the exception to the rule.

5. Here Today, Gone Later Today
Boy that didn't take long. Burst on the scene with a passion strong. Here today. Next thing we know, you're gone. Time to grow up and do grown-up shit. Gone later today. Can you even call it a phase when you're in and out so fast? More like just something to try, and not like making it your life. It's obviously not for you. Enjoy your new life as a worthless lump. We won't miss you.

6. Shocker
Stirring tributes to the red, white and blue. How convenient that it's made a nice career for you. Scum-sucking, opportunistic, living, breathing sack of dog shit. Talk of putting boots in asses. Never see yours on the line. Got a career to worry about. No reason to jeopardize. Shitting out that cold hard cash. Use the flag to wipe your ass.

7. USA, Motherfuckers
USA, motherfuckers! Land of the freaks and home of the slaves. So proud of our country but we're too dumb to save. Other nations are smarter and more free, but we still think we're the world's best country. Where corporations rule with an iron fist. We know we're being fucked and yet we cannot resist.

8. Easy To Judge (music by Justin)
Outraged at acts that you find morally reprehensible. If you're in the same situation, you say you'd do what was sensible. You may say so. Can't fool me though. Until you actually face the choice, you can't tell me what you would do. Maybe you'll do the right thing. But you could just as easily fuck up too. Easy to judge, harder to do. It's just a part of the life you live. Do what thou wilt, and accept consequence. Easy to judge for you, until it comes back on you.

9. Anal Linguist
Every day I shake my head and wonder at the life you've led that made you such a piece of crap. Talking shit straight out your ass. Cynical, grouchy and pissed. Ultra-straight misogynist. You say that it's an "old-school" thing. Well you must mean the 19th century. The leading role in the classic tale of the outdoorsman alpha-male. Spouting your Tea Party crap while staring at a hot chick's ass. How did you ever reach this age with so little usage of your brain? Of most folks you take a dim view. How much of it's them and how much of it is you? Think you have it figured out. But to me there seems no doubt that you're the one without a clue. I'll be holding out no hope for you.