Skullvalanche LP
(Lyrics and music by Mike.)

1. Shit
Facing an uphill fight. Obvious choices are in sight. You refuse to do what's right. It's maddening to watch you act like science does not exist. I'm fucking sick of your shit. Global warming's not a hoax. If anything, the only joke's on you idiotic folks. Do you seriously expect god to deliver you from this? The world can't afford your shit.

2. Breeder's License
The race of humans spiraling out of control. On the planet Earth the population takes its toll. In this darkening age we feel the tightening noose. We can't afford to let the incompetent reproduce. Don't confuse something that you want for something that you need. If you can't prove yourself a capable parent, you shouldn't be allowed to breed. Like a license to drive or to use a gun, there should be a license to breed. Why not require one? A battery of tests to determine your competency should be required for you to start a family.

3. Death Sentence
Congratulations. You coalesced at the exactly correct distance from your star. Your climate is just precisely temperate enough to support and generate life. You hit the jackpot.

4. Skullvalanche

5. Holy Fetus
Your intention is to strip basic preventative care and family planning services from women such as yourself. You think you're protecting life. You are not protecting shit. Only making things worse for the cause of women's rights. Have you ever worn the shoes of unintended pregnancy? Have you ever felt the lump of terror on your breast? You are fucking services you would gladly utilize if you ever found yourself with no other health-care choice. Have you ever felt the sores of shame upon your genitals? Use your vote to elevate the fetus to a holy state. It's the ranks of those alive who could be sentenced to die. Pat yourself on the back. You're the last line of defense. You'll use this service but you'll deny it to others. You don't get to do that, you hypocritical fuck. It doesn't work like that, you selfish fucking asshole. Women die because of your "special" attitude. You're the one who should be rotting in your grave.

6. Par For The Corpse
It doesn't matter where, as long as it's far from here. It doesn't matter why, or that the reason given is a lie. It doesn't matter when or if it will come to an end. At the end of the day, it seems the neo-cons got their way. War is now a fact of life. As our children grow, the reality they've come to know includes fellow citizens at war, and no one can tell them what for. It's just a fact of life.

7. Galactic Kraken
Massive star reaches collapse. Black hole results, producing a blast. Gamma rays burst in opposite directions at speeds approaching the speed of light. The energy output is roughly equivalent to that which our sun will produce in its lifetime. Such an occurrence is extremely rare, but a burst could hit the earth tomorrow, making Swiss cheese of the ozone layer and triggering a mass extinction. And when the cataclysm happens, you'll have more important things to worry about. All the petty shit mankind fights over will mean precisely dick.