Show Us The Meaning Of Haste LP
(Lyrics and music by Mike except where noted.)

1. Full Spectrum Dominance
Complete control of the playing field. National security means global hegemony. Total efficiency and maneuverability. Stated goal of unquestioned authority. In the name of kicking some ass, there will be no questions asked. Growing an industrial beast. Projecting an image of invincibility. Every nation under the thumb of the war-waging behemoth. Get used to knowing your place. Repaint the globe with a stars-and-stripes face. Full constraint of military competition. Spectrum: land, air, water, space. Dominance over every possible theater of war imaginable. Base of operations in the Oval Office. Funneling US money into huge contracts. Service overcharging and product corner-cutting. Sitting back and laughing and making a fucking killing. New world order has arrived. Opponents not allowed to survive. Get used to knowing your place. Resistance will blow up in your face.... Guess profit margins and world domination aren't so compatible. All too predictable. Quality control was never among their goals. They left us with the check for their industrial complex.

2. News Flash
Push your crap about teaching abstinence. Claiming birth control kills tiny fetuses. You even say condoms are a form of abortion. It makes no fucking sense and I'm calling out your bullshit. Far too long you've oppressed the population. This shit ends now. Autonomy won't be denied. You're just mad that women fuck with impunity, and can do so without starting a family. You don't care about saving lives. You care about control, and making sure that women know their proper role. Fuck your patriarchy. What is the point? Why are you getting your nose out of joint? Are you afraid your god is gonna be pissed? Here's a news flash, he probably don't give a shit. You may fuck off and die. You are a virus that devastates the earth, mutilates and decimates its worth. I'm convinced your religion's a mistake. Let's burn you at the motherfucking stake.

3. Specter Of Fear
Specter of fear dominates your life. Can't comprehend critical analysis. Trusting those who hate you. Can't be forced to admit mistakes. Can't realize you've been fucking played. Let yourself down.

4. Walk Away
You see black, I see gray. You see white, I see gray. You see no other way. I see myself walk away.

5. You'll Be Next
Earlier visa overstay results in unexpected delay. Kept in motherfucking chains, jailed then sent the fuck away. It's happening to brown people - that is true. It's happening to white people - could be you. You may not have any ties to terrorists. That's for authorities to decide, if you'll be next on the list.
Dedicated to Eva Osk Arnardottir (a blonde Icelandic woman) and every innocent who has suffered from suspicions of terrorism by Homeland Security.

6. Enhanced
Strapped to a board. Rag in your mouth. Water on your head. Tripped gag reflex. Forced suffocation. Drowning simulation. Not real torture? It's real as shit.

7. Not Winning The C. Montgomery Burns Award For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence
There's an empty void in the universe that coincides with the space you occupy. You don't exist. You're a black hole. The pinnacle of all human scum. Nothing about you remotely suggests that you are half-capable of excellence. When you die, I will probably laugh. I care that little for your well-being. You are not needed. You are not wanted. Please drop off this earth and go straight to hell. You are worthless to me. You're fucking dead to me. You're an existential dead end. I don't see why I should pretend otherwise.

8. Not For Babies
Fuck off if you can't hang. Stick with something safe. Go back to your textbook breakdowns, mid-tempo double bass, chugga-chug bullshit. We'll play hardcore our way. If you think the brutality and intensity of hardcore ends with Throwdown, better think again. Listen to "No Man's Slave" and tell me that Every Time I Die isn't fucking weak.

9. Planetary Civilization (music by HOD)
Anyone who thinks about it for half a second will realize the planet is dying a slow death. Humans can't see the need to limit their consumption. Population's growing and draining Earth's resources. Wars are no longer waged for any good reason. Dickheads would try to conquer the earth, rather than come together. The technology's there to save this fucking world. People would rather profit than think about the future. I don't know what to do. No answer at this point. Seems that catastrophe is unavoidable to me. Humankind has not progressed sufficiently to maintain responsible planetary civilization.

10. Ours Not Theirs
Politicians won't solve your problems for you. If you wanna see a change it's all up to you. Is it fair to pin your hopes on only one dude? You must make your own plan for change and then see it through. This world's ours, not theirs. Let's show we care, even if it's not enough. Live your life the way you want others to do. Treat the folks around you with respect that they're due. Place yourself directly into other's shoes. If we can't do this then humanity's doomed.
Many people believe Barack Obama has the power to fix all the problems in the U.S. or even the world. He may mean well, but as he has repeatedly stated, he can't move millions of people to radically change their lifestyle and culture. The millions have to do it themselves.

11. Swallowed
Beset by so much bullshit that I gotta do. If it's not one thing it's another. Brain has no more room. Eaten alive. Swallowed whole. Motivation vaporized. Paralyzed, slipped into a vegetative state. My hard drive has frozen up. Can't concentrate. Step away. Clear my head. Collect my thoughts and organize. Take one step at a time.

12. Archaic Technologies
Far past time to harness alternative energy sources. Thwarted by the oil industry. How to escape from their clutches?

13. Carnies
Trying to build theocracy, but not to save humanity. Lust for power, nothing more. Invoking Jesus to build an empire on the shoulders of the faithful. No better than radical Islam. Destroying America from within.

14. I Stopped Caring

15. Speed Of Armageddon
Christianist government. Violent aims fan the flames. Accelerate rapture-state. Soon to be World War 3.

16. Status Tats
I like to check out people's tattoos. But something about yours doesn't ring true. Were they the product of well thought-out reflection, or of jumping on the latest trend to gain acceptance? Cover your arms with trivial shit. Spur-of-the-moment lifetime commitment. Turning what should be a sacred ritual into a cheap status symbol. It's your body, I don't care what you do. But are you a poseur or are you being true? The art you burn onto your skin says a lot about you.

17. Awkward
Look into my eyes. See how long I hold your gaze. Talk about your life. Chances are I can't relate. I've had my whole life to deal with these awkward feelings. The passage of time still hasn't made it easy. Drifting along. It's easy to pretend I care. Just for one time, I'd like to open up and share. Fear of rejection keeps me firmly locked in place. Deep-seated feelings of apathy for the human race. How much longer can I stay in this indifferent state? Will I find another way? Fuck if I know. Will I see your face again? Maybe not - I don't care when. Can I find a trusted friend? Fuck if I know.

18. Now And Forever (lyrics by Justin)
I'm gonna throw people's stupid beliefs in their face like a bag of poop.

19. Fuck Settling Down
Fuck settling down. Everyone around me is getting married, having kids and settling into pointless lives. Well that's not good enough for me. I will always be 18 fucking years old. Everyone is "growing up." More like giving up to me. There is so much else to live for. Why would I start a family?

20. Scared Little Fuck
Most people are decent and strive for a normal life. Most never mean to cause each other harm. Black, white, brown, yellow - just like you. Gay, straight, bi, trans - just like you. Do you feel threatened, you scared little fuck? We're all human so wake the fuck up.

21. Mockery
Rejected. Abandoned. Ignored. This can't be my family. Friendship. Mockery. Lonely. Empty.

22. Panocide