"This Comp Kills Fascists Volume 2"
(Lyrics and music by Mike except where noted.)

1. You Are Not Going To Heaven
Are you just fucking stupid, horribly misinformed or an evil asshole? Women aren't your property. Fetuses are not babies. You are not going to heaven.

2. The Terrorists Win
Campaign of demonization, outright lies and distortions. Women's rights not up for consideration. Violence against doctors increasing, starting with half-ass bombings, culminating in a fatal shooting. Clinic closes down. The terrorists get what they want. Pretend to condemn the violence, but quietly celebrate.

3. Definitely
Starts with 'd,' ends with 'y,' 2 'e's, 2 'i's. No 'a's. Get it right or pay the price.

4. Dead For No Reason
I appreciate your willingness to fight for my freedom. But the fact is you actually fought on behalf of the interests of the defense industry, and those of a policy-making elite bent on the goal of one nation crushing the rest with an iron fist. Assholes, mad men, sending you to rot in the desert sun. I wonder if this occurred to you, if this thought went through your mind before the shrapnel did.

5. Don't Believe The Hype
Taste of success goes to your head. You start to think that your shit don't stink. You start to believe the hype. You think your shitty little band is important enough to make your demands. Try to turn it into a career, watch your relevance disappear. It's nice to have a little taste. Just keep in mind, you can be replaced.

6. Get A Brain! Morans
Regular Joe, uninformed and proud of it. No snooty Ivy Leaguer's gonna tell you how to live. Perceiving arrogance from those more educated. Bullshit. Others may have more education than you. What makes you think they are looking down on you? There is no shame in deferring to the experts. That's how shit gets done and everyone's lives improve. But you would rather have a president you can drink a beer with. You hate to be looked down upon, but what do you have to offer? Your insecurities are ruining us all.

7. White Decline
Tenuous grip on sanity slips. Fear of white decline eats away your mind. You think the solution is a new revolution. You need an institution. If only the rage you feel was based upon something real. Your whole world's a fucking lie. All of your convictions are based on superstition, utter fabrications and mischaracterizations. Blacks are not out to get you, unless you give them a reason to. Why would you even try? Time to start asking why.

8. New Friend
Pleased to meet you. How do you do? I must go now. Have a nice life.

9. Land Of The Shrill (music by Mike and Justin)
Once upon a time, you could respect the Constitution and not automatically get assignations of political persuasion and accusations of looking backwards. Try to stand for accountability and you're labeled a far-left ideologue.

10. Anti-Choice
I want you to get raped and impregnated with a fatally defective fetus that puts your life at risk and tell me that you still don't support a woman's right to an abortion.